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Allxon Provides Just-in-time Remote Device Management Services for Tax-free Stores in a Japanese Airport

Airport AI Edge Device Management Scenario

Allxon has been working closely with its partners in Japan to provide a comprehensive remote management AIoT solution at tax-free stores in airports. Store management uses AI-based cameras to monitor activity, age/gender, and emotion signals of customers with cameras plus edge devices which need to be maintained at all times. Typically engineers have to physically go to each location to update, maintain or repair devices which can be cumbersome and time consuming. This wastes time and usually increases overall costs. Here are some pain points to manage an operation like this and why it’s necessary to have a remote device management solution ready.

The Challenges

AIoT devices use face recognition AI to collect and analyze customer’s behaviour at checkout counters at retail stores across Japan’s International Airport. Many of these devices are initially set up at wrong angles which makes it difficult to detect the faces of each customer. Furthermore lighting poses another issue as faces cannot be clearly recognized. These challenges require engineers to regularly go to each store and service the equipment which becomes even more of a challenge because they have to also apply for special permission each time they go.

All in all, time and resources are needed to troubleshoot these problems. With the greatest challenge for engineers being to update devices frequently, update the software, and train the AI module to make it better to detect customer faces and collect data, Allxon believes it has the solution.

Allxon’s Solution

The Allxon AIoT device management system allows administrators to use OTA (Over-the-Air) to deploy AI models remotely, sync and schedule updates only once across multiple AI models using group settings. This enables a single group of devices to be managed with a single click. Included in the Out-of-Band feature is the capability to do a cold reboot of a machine that is physically turned off. It can be turned on creating an initial boot sequence of the machine ithout being next to it or even in the same building. This really saves time and human hours of physically going to each device at different locations.

With these features in mind during this current state of uncertainty with COVID-19 on everyone’s mind, Allxon’s solution saves businesses time and money from a medical catastrophe. But most importantly, it protects your engineers from contracting any infections while keeping your business alive.     


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