AIoT Device Crashes Are Every MSP's Worst Nightmare

Picture this

one day during opening hours, the primary overhead display device at a major fast food outlet malfunctions. Customers are streaming in, service is interrupted and management is panicking. How do you solve this?

Pain points

Unfortunately, there is only one thing you can do in this situation: call an on-site engineer. Costing an industry1 average of $187 USD, they are required to physically travel to the location and manually fix the device. Not only is the process tedious, it is also dangerous for the engineer. Furthermore, the customers are getting impatient and the chain is losing business. The worst part? In 90% of cases, all the engineer needs to do is perform a cold-restart in order to get the device working again.

What if there was a way to avoid this entire scenario and remotely fix the majority of device malfunctions without onsite assistance? And what if you could do so for any number of devices in a centralized, secure manner, with the ability to view detailed data about the status of each device at any time?


Enter Allxon’s Cloud-based Out-Of-Band solution, an AIoT device management platform which allows administrators to remotely manage multiple devices from one centralized portal effectively and securely, even the device OS is crashed.

Consisting of an intuitive cloud based management interface paired with physical IPIM modules connected to each device  in the network, Allxon COOB addresses five key concerns facing System Integrators and Managed Ser vice Providers when choosing an AIoT device management platform: scalability, interoperability, monitoring, support and security.


First up: scalability. Growing your network has never been easier thanks to Allxon’s relativelyquick and painless device enrollment process. Simply add your devices to the network through Allxon’s intuitive cloud-based portal and youare good to go. Once enrolled, devices can be easily assigned to specific groups within your network, where they can be installed with specific software, granted privileges and kept up to date all at the same time.


In addition, Allxon's configuration tools allow you to flexibly assign policies to individual or groups of devices. These policies will let you configure specific settings for devices, from time zones to trigger alerts and even scheduling when AI models are deployed. ADM also offers increased interoperability thanks to support for multiple major OSs, including Windows, Android and Linux.

Remote Monitoring

Monitoring your network is also easy and efficient, as Allxon provides constant updates about your devices including important health statistics and alerts. You can even reboot individual devices to fix potential problems. In the fast-food chain store scenario outlined above for example, the MSP could have easily avoided bringing in an on-site engineer simply by using Allxon’s remote diagnostics and repair tools.


Furthermore, Allxon is ready to assist your business with remote support whenever you need it. You can also sign up to receive operational summary reports, helping you better analyze and understand your device network. Finally, when devices are ready to be replaced or retired, Allxon allows for deactivation and removal of all sensitive data, quickly and securely.

By honing in on and solving the primary issues facing SIs and MSPs today, Allxon COOB simplifies AIoT device management, saving time and resources. It is the only tool you will need to manage your device network effectively and securely throughout the entirety of their lifecycles.

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